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NEPALTHA is pronounced with a silent "H" (NEPALTA). The "H" is silent like the "homeowner"/ business person who pays the taxes but has no time to engage city hall, nor run for office.
Because of their in-attendance, the mayor and council take the opportunity to pass ordinances that turns their world upside down. The ordinances referred to are the type that remove property without due process, simply because eminent domain was made more difficult in Pennsylvania or a reason possibly worse.
Another issue is that cities are in debt due to bad management in a bad economy.  Revenue generating ordinances are passed to fix bloated budgets. Since Pennsylvania has trust in their boroughs/cities to do the right thing, it doesn't provide a review of these laws until someone challenges them. But the cities out maneuver individuals who are fresh to the system and the court system is too expensive to continue.

The Solution:

NEPALTA seeks out ordinances that have strayed from Pennsylvania statutes and the Pennsylvania Constitution when it affects property rights. We have engaged councils and mayors to avoid bad laws and remedy those we find outside the parameters set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. By becoming a chapter of PROA (Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association) we have joined up with associations across the state and lobbyist in Harrisburg to better focus our efforts.
Make no mistake about this; we strive for excellence as a standard for housing that puts HUD to shame. But to get there, someone needs to pull the heavy yoke of abusive ordinances off the property owner. NEPALTA stepped up to the plate and will continue with your support.

NEPA Landlord Tenant Association consist of people concerning not only affordable housing, but safety for the occupants and the neighborhood they reside in.

We are landlords, property owners, tenants, and citizens concerned with our neighborhoods.


NEPALTA is a non-profit organization that concentrates on engaging "city hall" where and when


NEPALTA chooses locations that have an impact over a broad area and/or where the funding is available.

Areas needing our assistance need to do their own fundraising in the event the attorney we use is needed.

We offer membership with the state wide group PROA with your $250 donation AND your request. Please use the contact us to inquire about PROA membership.The website accessed provide a flood of valuable information and contacts throughout the state. Our affiliation with PROA puts you in touch with people who lobby the state legislature.

We only use volunteers to keep the costs down. Please allow time for us to reply. 


All donors are confidential!

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