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Commentary on issues regarding property rights, this blog relays information on events past, present, and into the future in Northeast PA (USA). While facts are presented, an opinion may be thrown in the mix to make things more interesting. Corrections are welcomed by using the comments -  as long as we see documents to back it up.

As far as the comment part of this blog, we appreciated hearing from people literally all over the world! We generally don't publish the comments though because this is a local blog. Even so, comments published are rare unless they add to the story or a correction is needed and information sent was confirmed. Glad you're enjoying it though! We STILL have some freedoms here and intend to exercise them at will!

Luzerne County, the exception...

It is true that NEPA is 10-20 years behind the rest of the country...except the cost of living where as close as Harrisburg as an example, the cost of gas is 5-10 cents cheaper per gallon. Don't think that's by accident. There are those doing very well in the "Pit"  while the "Breaker Boys" scamper for crumbs.

Our latest re-filing of the suit is another example of Apalachin control in Luzerne County on the legal system where Pittston City can miss deadlines and go against standards set forth by the Commonwealth Of Pa while hand picked judges (did we forget Kids for cash?Two Judges, Thousands of Children, and a $2.6 Million Kickback Scheme, the Attorney General at THAT time IS our judge!?) not only looks the other way at Pittston's blatant delay tactics, but assist Pittston in finding loop holes. It's a technique designed to bankrupt organizations like NEPALTA into giving up.

While NEPALTA has had help from outside the area, we still need your participation in donating to a cause that actually helps each of us "coal" diggers that the lords of Apalachin despise so much.

And so what began as a simple gesture to talk to the "boys" of Pittston about what appears as unlawful even for Home Rule, is growing beyond the reach of the Controllers.

Once a councilman said, "you better have a lot of attorneys if you want to fight us cuz we have many of them". Yes, you do...but then NEPALTA doesn't play the same game of pool you'd expect.


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