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Commentary on issues regarding property rights, this blog relays information on events past, present, and into the future in Northeast PA (USA). While facts are presented, an opinion may be thrown in the mix to make things more interesting. Corrections are welcomed by using the comments -  as long as we see documents to back it up.

As far as the comment part of this blog, we appreciated hearing from people literally all over the world! We generally don't publish the comments though because this is a local blog. Even so, comments published are rare unless they add to the story or a correction is needed and information sent was confirmed. Glad you're enjoying it though! We STILL have some freedoms here and intend to exercise them at will!

Pittston request 30 days

We filed the suit (ordinance No. 4, and various other issues). Our intent is to protect the rights of property owners. No where in the so-called 3-strikes clause is the term 'landlord" used. It is about PROPERTY owners. The other issues have to do with fees other municipalities don't charge which show this to be a money making event, NOT for safety as they say. This only serves to drive the price of housing up for families who are struggling to ensure Pittston doesn't need to tighten the purse strings like the rest of us. Did their pay go down?

The solicitor of Pittston requested 30 days to reasearch - out of professional courtesy, we did allow this extension since WE are the reasonable party.

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