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Commentary on issues regarding property rights, this blog relays information on events past, present, and into the future in Northeast PA (USA). While facts are presented, an opinion may be thrown in the mix to make things more interesting. Corrections are welcomed by using the comments -  as long as we see documents to back it up.

As far as the comment part of this blog, we appreciated hearing from people literally all over the world! We generally don't publish the comments though because this is a local blog. Even so, comments published are rare unless they add to the story or a correction is needed and information sent was confirmed. Glad you're enjoying it though! We STILL have some freedoms here and intend to exercise them at will!

Pittston's Code Enforcement officer leaves for Easton during pre-trial interrogatories

Pittston's Code Enforcement Officer Steve Nowroski moving on to Easton, PA.


According to one commenter, "Easton needs fresh blood to lead this department". Yes, that is what they'll get depending on their ordinances. Strange though that most of the article points to his experience at Forty-Fort and a short mention of Pittston. As some may recall, Nowroski left Forty-Fort while under investigation eagerly hired by Pittston. And now while our case is moving forward (hopefully past the infamous Luzerne County courts) Easton eagerly hires a swiftly departing code enforcement officer from Pittston while the NEPALTA lawsuit moves on to collect information from code enforcement.

Easton, PA is just 38 miles from Hopatcong, NJ where Pittston's Manager Joseph Moskovitz, was a former borough administrator for Hopatcong, until he publically proved bad judgment with his car, alcohol, drugs, speeding, swerving, and no insurance.
 ( ) Yes, "Everybody deserves a second chance in life," according to Michael Lombardo (unless you own certain properties)   Rather than spending time in prison, Pittston hired him to manage the city and then hired Nowroski when Forty Fort, Pa's solicitor had him under investigation as well as the Pa Dept of Labor and Industry who gave him a warning. You couldn’t make this stuff up...

Hey, we're not saying Pittston is getting the code enforcement guy a temp job to get him out at a vulnerable time, but that Easton, Pa is waking up to some realities and it's worth reading about - maybe even comment.  One thing is certain, they don't know much about his work in Pittston.


Friday, March 13, 2015


Easton's New Code Inspector Accused of Playing Favorites in Forty Fort



EDITORIAL: Easton administration to blame for bungling new code official's hiring


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