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Commentary on issues regarding property rights, this blog relays information on events past, present, and into the future in Northeast PA (USA). While facts are presented, an opinion may be thrown in the mix to make things more interesting. Corrections are welcomed by using the comments -  as long as we see documents to back it up.

As far as the comment part of this blog, we appreciated hearing from people literally all over the world! We generally don't publish the comments though because this is a local blog. Even so, comments published are rare unless they add to the story or a correction is needed and information sent was confirmed. Glad you're enjoying it though! We STILL have some freedoms here and intend to exercise them at will!

The Quiet Changes

Haven't gotten around to commenting on Wilkes-Barre's change to their rental program at the end of 2013...they seem to be leaving the PA UCC's Certificate of Occupancy alone in favor of a license. Maybe what we've been saying all along finally makes sense that a building can't be ruled unsafe because of a FORMER tenant's lack of discipline with the law. Or maybe they figured out that if you eventually throw everyone out, you have a lot of vacant income tax, LOTS of tumbleweeds rolling down the streets.

Tumbleweed Snowman
Yes, it is a Tumbleweed Snowman!

Seriously Wilkes-Barre, The reason why you have drugs and violence is because of the DEMAND for drugs from people of ALL income levels - who most probably live in nice homes with mom and dad having to work 60 hours a week (2 jobs) because of the "low standard of living" local governments and the Chamber of Commerce successfully achieved. 

And then there was the case of the missing ordinance. Since our lawsuit with Pittston (the spell checker wants to correct to "Spittoon"?) ordinance no 4 of 2008 "Chronic Nuisance Property ordinance" is MIA...can't find it online but we still have a pdf copy on the membership education page. It appears to have been removed from view... hey, don't look at the man behind the curtain!
Ordinance no 4 of 2012, however, is a REAL nuisance ordinance referencing dog owners who let them deficate then walk away like the stuff evaporates. attracts flies and rats people, not to mention harbor infectious diseases (parvo) other dogs get when they see it as a convenient snack. Just sayin...take baggies when you go for a walk. Couldn't agree with THIS ordinance more.

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