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NEPALTA highlights INVESTMENT by individuals who RENOVATE older homes to deal with dilapidation in NEPA. The strong arming of government can and will never correct blight like the private ownership of an investor. Governments need to facilitate private investment rather than discouraging it via ill advised ordinances.
With that in mind, NEPALTA passes on "Investors Network's" Release:

From Investors Network: NEPA

(570) 798 7051


June 15, 2014

Northeasrtern PA is a great place to live, but suffers from a lot of outdated, abandoned, and under-maintained housing stock. National TV shows feature “flippers” (investors) making money and helping communities – but are there enough such people in NEPA to impact our community?

Steve Franco and Rafael Norat of Good People Good Homes wondered that, and decided to find out. Good People Good Homes has been a landlord/investment company in the area since 2008, and have saved/renovated/flipped approximately 20 properties in that time. “It's rewarding, both financially and personally,” said Steve, “to renovate delapidated real estate. But it can often feel like a solo activity, working in a region with no community of investors.”

Since working with Rafael, an investor from New Jersey, Steve became aware that other regions had one or more groups aimed at investors/flippers/rehabbers. A longtime member of the Wyoming Valley Real Estate Investment Association, Steve has learned a lot from that group about being a landlord, and operating a real estate business in the Wyoming Valley. But since its focus is mostly on rentals and management, there isn't a lot of discussion about the buy/sell/fix cycle or available deals.

So, Steve and Rafael decided to get a meeting together of area investors, and create a regional community where people could share ideas, experiences, and of course deals!

“We really had - even have – no idea what this will become.” Rafael said. “In fact, we expected such a small turnout at the event that we planned it for the living room of our flip-in-progress.” Steve said “then we realized over a dozen people had called, and we moved it quickly down the street to Collarusso's restaurant in Avocafor more room.” On Thursday, June 12 more than 15 people met at Colarusso's for the inaugural meeting of Investors Network: NEPA (IN: NEPA).

The group that came was quite varied – from a timeshare resales professional to realtors, contractors, investors, landlords and even a few “newbies”. After talking and learning about each other for a couple hours, the group decided to set a formal schedule for their monthly meetings - second Wednesday of every month.

“At this meeting, there was no plan, no agenda.” Steve told us “ but at future meetings, we will ope by having everyone introduce themselves and their business, then a short informational/educaitonal presentation, and finally a time for members to network.” “Networking and making connecitons is the most important part” Rafael said.

The group currently has an e-mail address ( (website coming soon) and phone number (570) 798 7051, and is building an online community/social network and other tools and resources to help members work and network more efficiently.

For more information or to join the group, feel free to e-mail, call, or come to the July 9th meeting (7pm, Grotto Pizza Wilkes-Barre at the Wyoming Valley Mall).

Special thanks to: Bob Petro, Manager, Grotto Pizza Harvey's Lake and Beau Cote of IMP Web Works for developing our online presence.

THIS WEEK ONLY (till June 20) call Steve at 802 563 3101

NEPALTA to Join with PROA:


PROA is the Pennsylvania state-wide landlords association.
We represent the interests of residential rental owners in Pennsylvania state government by providing full time lobbying in the state legislature.  Our newsletters and bulletins keep our members informed of legislative issues affecting their rental business.  We also hold conferences and other educational programs for apartment owners.


Membership Membership is open to landlords, apartment owners, real estate investors, property managers, and rental property owners.



 NEPA Landlord Tenant Homeowner
the City Of Pittston
The FIRST set of Interrogatories and request for production for documents in aid of preparing a complaint on behalf of NEPA LTH Association has been filed as of 28 May 2014.
This is the first of a series of steps to challenge the legality of Ordinances 4 (2008), 6 and 9 (2013) which will involve the filing of a Writ Of Summons in the Court Of Common Pleas of Luzerne County.
We are therefore in the process of challenging the City Of Pittston's licensing fee as excessive under the Pennsylvania Local Tax Enabling Act, 53 P.S. §6924.101. We will secure budgetary information from the city to determine the allocation of expenditures against revenues particularly relating to the time spent by code officials and the administration relating to inspections verses their customary duties.
Our challenge is to demonstrate that the city's expenditures of the revenues generated by the licensing fees go beyond the scope of activities and services solely for the support and to maintain the administrative structure necessary for the program. The licensing fee must, by law, be reasonably related to the actual costs of implementing and enforcing the ordinance in order to be deemed valid.
Similarly, our challenge to the enforcement of fines and penalties against any property owner for conduct by their family members, tenants, invitees, or UNRELATED THIRD PARTIES pursuant to the city's definition of a "Chronic Nuisance Property" will work to show a pattern of enforcing this provision by the local police and/or code enforcement officers which demonstrates a denial of due process. This includes showing that (1) the property owner was deprived of a property interest recognized in law, and (2) the property owner was not provided with adequate procedural protection. Upon discovery of abuse we will file a fact specific complaint against the city demanding that the ordinances be repealed on the basis of statutory and constitutional violations.
The City Of Pittston may at any time settle during this period. Expenses occurred by Pittston's insurance company for the lawsuit and for the extra hours to gather information (all eventually passed down to taxpayers) will depend on the government's willingness to have a dialog with an association of affected parties.


NEPALTA to re-file Pittston suit

Jan 6, 2013

The case filed by the Northeast Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Homeowner Association against the City Of Pittston primarily involves issues arising under the laws and Constitution of Pennsylvania. The defendant (Pittston) moved to remove the case to federal court because the complaint raised secondary issues concerning the U.S. Constitution.

Therefore, NEPALTA has chosen to withdraw this complaint in order to secure its right to file a new complaint, focused exclusively on state issues. We believe that the issues in this case can most effectively be resolved by the Pennsylvania Courts.

We will continue to engage the City Of Pittston, if its local officials so choose, in conversations involving not only affordable housing, but more importantly the property rights of all residents and businesses.

NEPALTA files suit in Pittston


The "outdated" Application for Rental Occupancy Permit form on Pittston's website mandated that you must include the "3 Strikes Clause" in the Lease/Rental agreement.


This research led to a bizarre discovery that the Chronic Nuisance Property clause applies to PROPERTIES, not tenants.

This so-called 3 Strikes Clause refers to Ordinance no. 4 - the Chronic Nuisance Property rule that applies to the property owner, not the tenant. As a property owner, A TENANT MAY HAVE YOU DECLARED A CHRONIC NUISANCE PROPERTY. 
And most thought this was about slumlords!

Mayor Jason C. Klush


Pittston City


NEPALTA challenging Ordinance No.4 (Chronic Nuisance Property)
And a few other issues


Pittston City Council Meeting

Get Directions To:
35 Broad street
Pittston PA 18640