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NEPALTA is a non-profit organization that concentrates on engaging "city hall" where and when


NEPALTA chooses locations that have an impact over a broad area and/or where the funding is available.

Areas needing our assistance need to do their own fundraising in the event the attorney we use is needed.

We offer membership with our group AND with the state wide group PROA that we pay for.

The websites accessed provide a flood of valuable information and contacts throughout the state.

Our affiliation with PROA puts you in touch with people who lobby the state legislature.

We only use volunteers to keep the costs down who are quite busy working at regular jobs.

The membership is instant, but the date starts when we email your members' web access, PROA access,

and set up your news letter entries  (which may take a few weeks).

$70 barely covers our cost since we pay for your PROA membership therefore the fee is not refundable.

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Chargebacks without contacting us after having access to members areas is seen as fraudulent
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NEPALTA and PROA will be emailed. Please be accurate with the information submitted.
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